The Smilezy Journey

Get a treatment plan just for you.

The Smilezy Journey

How the Treatment Works:

Initial assessment.

On the day of your appointment, the Smile Consultant will examine you and prepare your dental records with scans, x- rays and photos.

Receive personalised treatment plan.

Within a week, you will receive a link with your personalized 3D treatment plan and a link for the initial payment.

Register with Smilezy.

On completing the necessary formalities, you will be registered as a Smilezy patient.

Aligners dispatched.

Your first set of aligners will take an average of 3 to 4 weeks to be dispatched. Post which you will continue to get four sets every 2 months after the doctors visit.

Retain your smile.

You will receive a retainers to maintain perfect smile.

Personalised treatment plan

How We Curate Personalised Treatment Plans.

Once the 3D model reaches its final stage, the orthodontist will craft a personalized treatment strategy for you. This comprehensive plan encompasses a sequence of transparent aligners, each subtly distinct from the last, working progressively to guide your teeth towards the envisioned alignment. The quantity of aligners provided and the duration of the treatment hinge on the extent of your orthodontic concerns.

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What are aligners?

Aligners are like a custom-moulded clear plastic form of dental braces which is designed for your teeth. They fit securely and need to be worn at least 18-22 hours a day, which slowly move and manipulate your teeth.

Why choose aligners?

Since clear aligners are removable, maintaining oral hygiene is easier , there is no dietary restrictions, more comfort as there is nothing poking or pricking inside your mouth causing ulcers, it’s invisible which might boost the confident levels in adult patients and less doctors appointment intervals.

How do aligners work?

A mould of your teeth is taken in the form of 3D digital imaging, this image is placed in a special software to create a series of clear plastic material to form your dental aligner. This plastic aligner applies gentle pressure on your teeth and gradually moves them into proper alignment. Usually the patient wears each set of aligners from anywhere between 1-2 weeks before switching to a new set of aligners.
The aligner is made of medical-grade plastic, which means that it’s sturdy and hygienic. It’s safe to wear even while you sleep.

Are aligners the same as clear braces?

No, Clear braces are different from clear aligners, clear braces are white or ceramic braces attached to the teeth like the metal braces .It is very important to understand this difference.

Are aligners suitable for everyone?

Actually 90% of the patients will be eligible for aligners. But there are 10% of the cases which are more complex in nature and might require combination of aligners and braces to finish the treatment.