About Us

he idea for Smilezy took form when patients and clinicians began sharing their unpleasant experiences of using braces, and international aligner brands. Bound by a shared passion for delivering beautiful smiles, the two doctors started working on bringing high-quality, customized aligners that could be easily accessible. The decision to design and manufacture these aligners in New Zealand meant quick turnaround, faster response times from a local support team, easy customizations, and faster replacements for lost or damaged aligners.

Today, Smilezy has transformed the smiles for many with its comfort, ease of use, and lasting results.

As we expand, we are ensuring that where ever Smilezy is located, we have a local lab setup with A-Z facilities giving end-to-end support to the clinician and patients.

blends in with your life seamlessly without you having to make any lifestyle change. And that’s our promise. These aligners are discreet, and hence, can go with you everywhere all the time without being noticed. Smilezy is carefully curated and tailored by doctors for your unique smile so that you can keep smiling with confidence long after the treatment. Aligners are taking away the pain points patients faced with braces.

key benefits of using aligners


They are transparent and hence, discreet, making them the ideal solution for people of all ages, especially our Gen Zs.

Zero Food Restrictions

Compared to braces, aligners are easy to remove and re-wear. Hence, people using aligners are not restricted to having only certain kinds of food. This also means that patients don’t have to undergo significant lifestyle changes.


Braces can have additional oral hygiene issues if not appropriately maintained. On the contrary, owing to the ease of use of aligners, daily routine oral care like flossing and brushing becomes convenient, ensuring proper oral care.


Made with cutting edge technology and smooth CE approved BPA free sheets, Smilezy aligners are safe, comfortable, and convenient.