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Why choose smilezy

Key benefits of Smilezy.


They are high quality clear Aligners and hence, discreet, making them the ideal solution for people of all ages, especially our Gen Zs.


Braces can have additional oral hygiene issues if not appropriately maintained. However, aligners make the daily routine oral care easy and effective.


Made with cutting edge technology and smooth CE approved BPA free sheets, Smilezy aligners are safe, comfortable, and convenient.

About Us

Where we started?

The idea for Smilezy, a New Zealand-based company, originally stemmed from the dissatisfaction expressed by both patients and clinicians regarding their experiences with traditional braces and international aligner brands. Driven by a mutual desire to provide individuals with beautiful smiles, two doctors came together to address this issue.

These dedicated professionals embarked on a journey to develop high-quality, customised aligners that would be readily available to meet the unique needs of each patient. By designing and manufacturing the aligners in New Zealand, Smilezy aimed to offer several significant advantages.

About Us

Locally owned and manufactured.

Local manufacturing allowed for easy customisations, addressing individual orthodontic needs promptly. It enabled Smilezy to implement personalised treatment plans, optimising results. Moreover, producing aligners in New Zealand facilitated swift replacements for lost or damaged aligners, minimising disruptions to treatment progress.

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Benefits of using Smilezy Aligners.

Fast turn around.

Within one week following your assessment, you will be provided with a link to access your customised 3D treatment plan.

Locally operated.

Our team is primarily located in New Zealand, ensuring seamless accessibility for all your inquiries and communication needs.

Flexible cost.

Get a unique quote tailored specifically to your dental needs. You can achieve perfection by aligning just a few key teeth.