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Are you smiling as often as you like?

You are not alone. We all feel the same sometimes. With Smilezy, you can get that perfect smile. With better treatment and results, the smile of your dreams is now within your reach!!

Step One: Find a Clinic

Reach out to the nearest Smilezy provider and book an appointment Simply look for the “Find a Clinic” page, This should provide a comprehensive list of Smilezy providers in your area, On the “Find your Doctor” page, you will typically find options to narrow down your search by location, Select the option to find providers near you.  Contact the provider using the provided contact details to book an appointment.   

Step Two: orthodontic screening

On the day of your appointment, our team will conduct an orthodontic screening to assess the condition of your teeth and determine the best course of action for your specific needs. This screening will involve a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw, as well as discussions about any concerns or goals you may have. After the screening, our team will also provide you with various payment plans tailored to your budget and requirements. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality orthodontic care, and we are committed to making it affordable and convenient for you.

Step Three: Initial Visit and Diagnostic Procedures

Once you have decided to embark on a journey with us, you will need to visit the Smilezy provider to create the necessary records and proceed with the required procedures. As you arrive at the Front Desk, our friendly Team will guide you through the necessary paperwork. They will collect your personal information, Please provide all the requested information accurately to maintain complete and up-to-date records. To cater to your specific medical needs, Smilezy will require additional diagnostic tests such as X-rays and scans. These tests provide detailed insights into your condition, helping the Team make informed decisions about your treatment. Once the X-rays and scans have been completed, the results will be stored securely and added to your electronic health records. These records are vital for healthcare providers to track your progress and ensure appropriate care.

Step Four: 3D Plans

You will now receive detailed 3D plans within a short span of ten days. Once you receive the 3D plan, and are satisfied with the proposed outcome, The Smilezy Team will guide you through the next steps for the deposit to begin your Smilezy journey.

Step Five: receive your aligners!

Thank you for choosing our aligner service! We’re thrilled to inform you that your first set of aligners will be arriving within 15 days. Throughout your treatment journey, our team of experienced orthodontists will be available to guide you. You will receive a detailed guide on how to wear and care for your aligners, as well as regular check-ins to monitor your progress. We believe in making the process as seamless as possible, so you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. , you will find additional resources and information to support you on your aligner journey under Patient info.

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What are aligners?

Aligners are like a custom-moulded clear plastic form of dental braces which is designed for your teeth. They fit securely and need to be worn at least 18-22 hours a day, which slowly move and manipulate your teeth.

Why choose aligners?

Since clear aligners are removable, maintaining oral hygiene is easier , there is no dietary restrictions, more comfort as there is nothing poking or pricking inside your mouth causing ulcers, it’s invisible which might boost the confident levels in adult patients and less doctors appointment intervals.

How do aligners work?

A mould of your teeth is taken in the form of 3D digital imaging, this image is placed in a special software to create a series of clear plastic material to form your dental aligner. This plastic aligner applies gentle pressure on your teeth and gradually moves them into proper alignment. Usually the patient wears each set of aligners from anywhere between 1-2 weeks before switching to a new set of aligners.
The aligner is made of medical-grade plastic, which means that it’s sturdy and hygienic. It’s safe to wear even while you sleep.

Are aligners the same as clear braces?

No, Clear braces are different from clear aligners, clear braces are white or ceramic braces attached to the teeth like the metal braces .It is very important to understand this difference.

Are aligners suitable for everyone?

Actually 90% of the patients will be eligible for aligners. But there are 10% of the cases which are more complex in nature and might require combination of aligners and braces to finish the treatment.